13 thoughts on “Portland Heights, circa 1885

  1. Taken from Robinson’s Hill to the south and east of Portland Heights. The Fourth Avenue trestle of the Oregon and California Railroad to the right, the Harrison Street school between Fifth and Sixth with its distinctive tower straight ahead.

  2. Anyone know if the area where Duniway park now is was used as wet garbage pit or did they just use it as a construction fill type of area?

  3. I need help getting perspective. What is the wide street that almost runs into the school? Also, to the right of the school is a street that, somewhat narrow, appears to be a major street running down to the river. I think I am directionally challenged.

  4. In the 1950’s Portland State used Dunaway Park for both P.E. classes and college football practice ; it was not uncommon after the Fall rains began that old broken glass, china shards, rusty bits of metal , etc.,etc. And actually one time an old rusty steel coil bed springs ” floated ” to the surface of the muddy bog. It was said and very believable that the place had been a dump !! It was also the scene of the annual P.S.C. Homecoming Bonfire which was built & immolated in the N.E. corner along 3rd street until about 1958 or 1959 when City said no more permits would be issued due to neighborhood complaints.

  5. one would have to go up personally to triangulate (google street view is worthless – too many trees and buildings now), but i believe this to be sw hoffman st, just before one gets to piggot’s castle.

  6. Barry, that is Fifth Avenue, but the street grid jogs at an angle several blocks south of the school’s location between Fifth and Sixth at Harrison. In the far right of the photo is visible the long-lived St. Lawrence Catholic Church at Third and Sherman. It also shows up in this Life photo taken from nearby in the 1950s. Vantage point appears to be the lower reaches of Marquam Hill (not Robinson Hill as I stated above):


  7. Thanks, Ken. Sometimes I think I would have liked to live during this era. Perhaps, I did.

  8. Here is another view — from the Charles W. Cushman collection — taken Sept. 1960 from Terwiliger just above Duniway Park at a much lower elevation with a few landmarks visible in the frame, including the St. Lawrence Catholic Church on the right.

  9. That’s funny, it reminds me of a corner of my backyard in NE Portland which, before my house was built in 1925, was where the old trolley line went through (diagonally). When I first started digging into the yard there were all kinds of odd things coming up!

  10. ken is correct – this was taken from the bottom of 5th avenue,likely at what is now the overlook on terwilliger. if you look closely at the stump on the left, you can see the lincoln st. reservoir on 7th.

  11. Good eye on the reservoir. Lots of good details in the middle distance from left to right, I can see the Park School, the old Central School, both court houses, Masonic Temple at Third and Alder, the Exposition Bldg, and the Kamm Block with its clock tower intact.

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