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  1. The location listed in the post is wrong. The original Troh’s airfield was near 182nd and Division but thanks for the link Jim provides, you can see that Troh’s Skyport was located to farther to the west. \
    From Jim’s link: “The entrance of Troh’s Skyport was located at the intersection of Division Street & Southeast 156nd Avenue.”

  2. brian is right – the page jim pointed to even has a photo of the blimp parked in the same spot. same X runway, same hangar. this is definitely the 2nd locale.

  3. The Happy Landing Tavern at SE 148th and Stark has an enlarged plat map showing the nearby airfield for which the bar was named. Maybe it was the western Skyport?

  4. Really cool how many air parks there were around the area. I see one just a half a mile away near Haley at 138th c. 1951 on NETR

  5. I’m confused here. Isn’t that Grant Butte there in the distance? That would make this photo looking south and put Trohs east of 182nd since Grant Butte is east of 182nd wouldn’t it?

  6. The USGS “Mount Tabor” map from 1954 shows that the north west corner of the Troh’s Skyport is now part of Parklane Park. (http://historicalmaps.arcgis.com/usgs/ is a great resource for old USGS maps that have been georectified to modern maps.)

    If you follow this link it will zoom you right into where Troh’s Skyport was: http://arcg.is/1MU8XXp

    Then select the 1954 “Mount Tabor” map down at the bottom and the Skyport will appear. Use the slider on the left hand side control bar to change the transparency of the overlay 1954 map.

  7. I don`t know if this will get to anybody, but I am Jerry Ott….son of Dick Ott Sr who was Hank Troh`s senior A&P Mechanic and Inspector. When I was a kid I went to work with my dad everyday at Troh`s. Ask me anything you want to. I remember everything.

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