Portland Waterfront, 1936

Inner Southeast and Southwest Portland near the waterfront and the Morrison and Burnside Bridges, 1936.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2005-005.1401.4

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2005-005.1401.4


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20 thoughts on “Portland Waterfront, 1936

  1. The old Multnomah Civic Stadium is in the upper center of the photo, ten years old when this photo was taken.

  2. I just noticed something very odd about this photo. Blow it up and see if you can spot what appears to be the numerals “76” painted very large on the side of what I think is the Failing Building. At least I think that’s what I’m seeing. The building is to the right of the Morrison Bridge and about 5-6 blocks west of the Willamette.

  3. @John Killen: I believe that’s a roof-mounted sign on the building in front of the Failing Building making it look like it’s on the side of the building.

  4. 4-stacker, cruiser, light cruisers and their destroyer escorts. that’s the uss hull on the front right (dd-350), commissioned in 1934. summer of 36 she cruised to alaska from san diego, so this could be a part of that tour.

  5. 4-stacker is a post-ww1 ‘omaha’ style cruiser. can’t make out names of any other ships, but the ‘hull’ should make precisely dating the photo pretty easy.

  6. The Public Market in the years before The Oregon Journal (RIP). The “newsroom dragonfly” landed on the roof; unfortunately also crashed there.

  7. Thanks to those who helped explain the “76” sign on the building. Glad to know I wasn’t seeing things.

  8. I gotta take a class or find a book to teach me how to post these photo’s, url’s etc. As it stands I’m clueless but it must be nice

  9. Remember KATU’s “power of two” when they had 2 copters in the air at once. That went over like a lead balloon.

  10. One of those power of two helicopters crashed while working to harvest Christmas Trees. KATU did not own that one,

  11. The 76 looks to me like the symbol for the gasoline brand. I’m probably mistaken, but that’s what it appears to be to me. Why there, dunno.

  12. This is great, but the photo cuts off RIGHT where I used to live at SE 8th and Washington, just behind the Slammer Tavern. The building would have been just over 10 years old at that point.

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