Banfield Expressway, 1958

Aerial view of NE Lloyd Boulevard and the Banfield Expressway (I-84), 1958. Lloyd Center construction and Holladay Park can be seen in the upper left portion of the image.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2005-005.1405.2

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2005-005.1405.2


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26 thoughts on “Banfield Expressway, 1958

  1. Interesting to see that since there was no I-5 at the time the east bound part of the Banfield freeway starts right there in the photo.

  2. I recall when the Banfield ended here and the Sunset started at the Vista Bridge and most of our trip to the west side had to go through downtown Portland.

  3. Is that Benson High School in the upper right near the viaduct? (I haven’t lived in Portland in years, and I sometimes get mixed up with these great photos.)

  4. Wow! There’s so much to see and talk about in this photo, I don’t know where to begin! If you look closely, you can notice what looks to be an old Model “A” Ford truck parked at the main entrance to Sears on Grand Ave. If I’m correct, that is the old “Popcorn Wagon” that parked in front of that door everyday for years! I remember as a young kid, my parents would always buy us something from the handicapped old man who ran it. He sold just about anything you could think of from popcorn to candy to cigars and cigarettes! He was somewhat deformed and disabled, if I remember correctly. Chime in if you can remember the old Popcorn Wagon!.. And the Farm store across the street!.. My dad would sometimes go in there to buy our gardening tools and what-not. We didn’t have running water on our very rural farm ’til around 1962 so occasionally dad would have to buy a new cast iron Acme hand pump or a new sheetmetal wood stove for the living room because we wore out the old ones! Also, you can just barely see the corner of the Robert Hall clothing store across the street on Grand!.. Like I said… Wow!

  5. Does anyone know what the black car-sized objects along the bluff overlooking the tracks are? I know they brought that bluff up to the same level as the street at some point since Lloyd Blvd. was repositioned to that location. Could they be dump truck loads of fill?

  6. Benson High School, 546 NE 12th. The empty field across the street used to be where they pitched the circus tents. Just to the right is Franz Bakery and it was tough to have gym when they were baking bread!

    Great photo!

  7. American Steel Warehouse, American Sheet Metal Works, Sears Roebuck and Co, Detroit made automobiles, Farm Store. Mostly gone today.

  8. Why were those blocks cleared out in front of the high school? Were they always empty, or was it some byproduct of the construction? There was a gulch there already where 84 went in, so why would they need to demolish that far back?

  9. Thanks for sharing your memories. My family moved to NE in 1960 & I grew up walking these streets. I’d forgotten about Robert Halls. I don’t remember Popcorn Wagon but the mention of it brought back memories of an old ’20s produce truck that used to drive past our house every evening. We lived on NE 16th & Stanton.

  10. To the best of my knowledge the blocks to the west of Benson were empty until Lew Williams Cadi built…Ron (Techman ’64-’68)

  11. The grand opening of the “Putt Putt golf course” across from Benson tech at 12th and Hoyt opened for business on Sunday May 27th 1962. I think it was supplanted by the Cadillac dealership in the 70’s.

  12. From Oregonian May 28th, 1948…Lets do 1st things 1st. Which would you rather have another bridge across the Willamette that would serve 1000’s of people in more areas of the city or a ten million five hundred thousand dollar “smelt run highway” that will only serve a few residents and which will only increase the bottle neck at the bridges.

    Vote no on 507 “against the Sullivan’s gulch project.

  13. @L and El Queso: Actually US 30 is carried by the Banfield along with I-84. US-30 used to run on Sandy before the construction of the Banfield Expressway. The original interstate designation for the Banfield was I-80N.

  14. If you look to the left of Benson High school that is the club house for the golf course.
    Then they turned it into Ireland’s at Lloyd center restaurant.

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