9 thoughts on “N Interstate Avenue, circa 1950

  1. I believe you nailed it John! TY
    I think all those houses went bye bye late 60’s before Fremont bridge construction.

  2. And I thought their digging up the old sewage lines in front and back of my house was an inconvenience! I live in SE Portland (N. of Hawthorne) and have had to deal with pile drivers, etc. for the past few weeks while the old sewer pipes are replaced. However, it’s not looked as intense as the photo I just saw. What a difference 65 years makes!!

  3. Great photo !
    Looks like sewer pipeline done the old fashion way !
    Wonder what those cables or ropes laid upon the shoring do ?

  4. Part of the big sewer project we talked about a couple of weeks ago. By 1952 5 men had been killed in cave in accidents all over the city.

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