8 thoughts on “SW Talbot Road, 1949

  1. This is an amazing photo of how they built this road – the one leading up from SW Vista to Council Crest Park – Be sure to click on the link in the comment to see what it looks like now. And the construction workers wore those hats!

    Susan Z. Whitney


  2. Since the Council Crest trolley was still running I wondered where the tracks were. Evidently in 1949 the CC Trolley tracks terminated (again) at Patton and Vista and there was a shuttle bus up Greenway to CC Park.

  3. I send this link to my father who lived not too far away as a child. This is what he responded with.

    OK, here is a little more history for you. The street they are digging on is Greenway Ave – Talbot is off to the left – And Patton Rd is behind the camera.
    Greenway before it was a road, was the Council Crest Streetcar track going downhill from Council Crest to Patton and then across Vista to Ravens View Dr.
    It then wound around downhill till it joined Vista at Ainsworth School. Then it went down Vista to downtown.

    Now going up the tracks you would go by my old house on Montgomery Dr. A little further and you go across a very small bridge. When you get close to the Council Crest hill there was a tunnel. This tunnel was under what was a part of Council Crest.

    OK so in 1949 The streetcars were gone and the tracks were converted to a road. The hillside where the tunnel was removed. They cut away the whole hillside. So now there was a paved road all the way from Patton to Council Crest.

    Shortly thereafter they dug a one foot wide path in the road, starting at about Patton road all the way up Greenway to Council Crest. Where it ended at the new tower for KPTV Channel 27 UHF. This is where they laid the cable from the KPTV studios (next to the stadium). The little known part is that from downtown to Patton Road on Vista the sidewalk was also a vault meant to provide steam for heating houses in the west hills. This never actually took place. But it made it easy to lay this cable up to Patton Rd.

  4. wl:

    To get a smaller URL in Street View, click the three little dots on the side of the gray box in the top left corner of the Street View screen, then click Share or Embed Image.
    If you choose Share Link you can click the Short URL box to get a shorter URL. If you click Embed Image you can copy and paste that huge URL (it starts with “< i f r a m e") and it will put a mini-Street View into your comment.

  5. The conversion of the trolley right way to a city street was not popular with residents of SW Talbot. The right of way was too narrow to build a standard roadway and the City had to steepen slopes above the road to get the minimum width. In the Winter of 1950 there were several largish landslides along this block…

  6. That Foreman walking on the road has it rough! Wow no backhoes for the blue collars…..Brute force baby.

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