15 thoughts on “NE Fremont Drive, 1950

  1. Between the 4th & 5th houses on the left is now NE 89th Ave. I think some of those houses are still there.

  2. Wow! We used to live in one of the houses on the left side of the road, in the middle of the picture. My mom lived 2 houses up from us! That was in 1962. The road was paved when we lived there.

  3. The scar from the motorcycle hill climb is visible on the hill side above 92nd. This area just exploded with growth after 1948. No surprise it took off after the war restrictions on building material were lifted and the Vanport disaster just added urgency to the already frenetic pace of building. My cousins lived at 83rd and Brazee (unpaved) in a rural setting during the war and it seemed like they were transported overnight to the burbs. Astounding how fast our playground went from a brushy woodland to a leave it to Beaver land. No more the wild pheasant, the fields of fennel, the great native blackberry tangles and the pies they yielded or the feral filbert bushes with their autumn reward. It wasn’t Waldon exactly. More like a industrial wasteland featuring illegal dumping but. Hey when you’re 10 years old and the days are long.

  4. NativePDX you too. When I was in HS(65-69) we thought it was great fun to do that, start at Fremont pedal to the metal and by the time you hit the hill you were going 55-60 mph and then a great deal of noise and a big jolt when you came back to earth. I am sure you and I and everybody else is partly the reason that it has all the obstacles in the roadway today.

  5. a friend was regaling me with tales of boys taking her, a friend and some beer to ‘motorcycle hill’ just the other day… they were all busted when a neighbor spotted them standing on a corner waiting for the boys; they claimed they didn’t feel well, and were headed home from school. Of course, when the neighbor asked Mom if she was feeling better, it all unraveled!

  6. Got my first ticket there in ’68. Going for speed & didn’t see all the cop cars ahead pulling everyone over for speed tickets. Eighteen, didn’t worry about living because I was too busy doing.

  7. My dad was one of three cars pulled over at once by a single cop here. When the officer approached another driver first, he calmly pulled away. Years later, I rollerbladed down this hill. Once.

  8. We had many days of fun and adventure playing in “the Swamp” on the right side of this shot at the bottom of the Hill in the late 50’s including shooting a 22 rifle

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