7 thoughts on “SW Jefferson Street, 1927

  1. I did a quick search in the Historical Oregonian and found advertisements from 1920 for Webster’s repair service, mentioning that he was happy to repair cars in their owners’ own garages. In 1928, “Mrs. Anson A. Webster recently entertained at her home on Bennington drive….” — perhaps they had moved from the garage site, or never really lived there? In 1930, he was still advertising “General Automobile Repairing” at 598 Jefferson.

  2. Two crescent wrenches, a screwdriver, pair of side cutters, a ball peen hammer,and a set of feeler gauges and a guy could repair any make. Boy, those were the days.
    If you had a shade tree you were all set, but a master mechanic needed a shed and a shingle.

  3. To the viewer’s left of the upper level of A. Webster’s is what I believe is the backside of a house that is still there. It is hard to tell with all the trees and the BMW dealership there today, but I’m sure I have seen that house from MAX (higher viewpoint than the Google Streetview Camera). If I’m right then the house with the three dormers behind it would be 2210 SW Kings Court.

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