9 thoughts on “SW 3rd Avenue, 1894

  1. Correction: that should have been the Washington Block. I had only ever seen an etching of the full building from West Shore Magazine and peripheral glimpses in photos of surrounding buildings.

    But joy of joys, an image search today revealed an honest to goodness photo of the building in all its magnificence.

  2. It’s great to have this restoration of one of our purest Richardson Romanesque buildings, even though it got its feet wet once or twice.

    Some data I looked up shows the +38′ elevation of the ’94 flood extended to 5th avenue, making it a 500 year flood event!

    That’s modern pre-flood control of course.

  3. Wish is would flood again, Kill all the rats in the Dekum basement.
    Its been about 10 years, But was downright nasty down there.

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