5 thoughts on “Guilds Lake Courts Division, 1944

  1. I remember the “feel of those war years when so many people cam to Portland to work in the shipyards and lived in Vanport City and in Guild’s Lake.

  2. I lived in Guild’s Lake Courts from August 1945 until December 1948. My memories are mixed. Lots of kids to play with, including in the sheds (if memory serves they were for coal). Heating and cooking were both with coal stoves. Lots of coal dust in house and unreliable heading and cooking temperatures. Once my mother found a dead snake amidst the coal. Walls were thin. Kids had two routes to school (I was there for kindergarten and part of first grade). One was dangerous because it was by rail yards. The other crossed an irrigation ditch — my closest friend in kindergarten drowned there on his way home from school. We moved to Southwest Portland in December of my first grade. I dropped from the best reading group at Guild’s Lake School to the worst at Shattuck School. Endured a long period of painfui turoring by my mother to catch (probably more painful for her than me).

    Anyone else live on Guam Street?

  3. Haylee’s comment above linked to (among other things) a map showing the layout of the housing at Guild’s Lake. Over to the left of the map (West) in bold lettering is “Blythswood”. Anyone know what the source of that place-name is, and to what it was being applied?

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