7 thoughts on “Portland Harbor, circa 1910

  1. Further north than that. The hill on the east side of the river is the Overlook bluff’ My guess would be the ship is tied up at the Albers milling dock. I’m thinking the pier on the other shore is the Luckenbach Terminal.

  2. Portland, the crimp capital of the West Coast. Also if you look closely the ship has a iron-steel hull and masts. These could be run harder than wooden ships hence their nickname “Windjammers”. Some of them could almost match the speed of the famous Clipper Ships even though they were a lot bigger and not fined lined like the clippers. They were the pre WWI bulk cargo carriers. All the cobblestones in Portland were originally ballast from sailing ships. .

  3. @Greg:

    And the new ocean-going steam vessels would soon put both the sail driven ships and the crimps out of business since the steam ships were speedier and required fewer deckhands.

  4. As a kid, The neighbor was a German retired Merchant Marine, Used to crew aboard ships like this.
    I remember well some nasty Sailor Talk learned from him !

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