10 thoughts on “NW 25th Avenue, circa 1925

  1. Speaking of Coe circle I read somewhere that they commissioned a bench in Honor of Dr, Coe and placed it in the circle. Would love to know what happened to it.

  2. I think I know where that invasive ivy came from that runs rampant through the forests now.
    Also, note the size of the trees in the hills. Evidence of clear cutting in the 19th century to build these mansions.

  3. Fred Kribs of 1214 n.w. 25th was a prominent Portland timber man, first king of the rose festival, died in 1948 at 88 and has more articles about being sued than anyone I’ve ever researched.

  4. That arch over the street is an accident waiting to happen. The owner of the home must have had no idea of the amount of damage being done to his home by the climbing vines.

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