9 thoughts on “Union Station, circa 1910

  1. Pre Broadway Bridge with the Freight House still in place and intact. Two three masted ships tied up at the flour mill docks. Helps to date the photo. May be closer to 1900, just speculating.

  2. Note how the tracks in the lower-right corner come close to each other. At the time this picture was taken there was a turntable just out of the frame at that spot.

  3. The smog in those days must have been stifling. All these photos of this era show the skyline obscured with steam and smoke. Maybe that’s why memories of the good old days are so hazy.

  4. I’m with Rod. I think this is circa 1900. When Portland’s population boomed after the 1905 L&C Exposition, several more covered passenger platforms were added and the covered central walkway was extended. Today we’re back to just the two platforms and a truncated walkway.

    At least now we have a pedestrian bridge over the tracks. It comes in handy when a long freight train crossing the Steel Bridge is blocking the tracks during your bus commute. Take note line 16 riders.

  5. Here is an earlier VP image from 1948 that shows the passenger platforms at their height. Unfortunately, It also shows the Willamette at (one of) its “height”(s).

  6. I think the caption on the picture might be wrong. I don’t think that the picture was taken from the Steel Bridge ramp, which ends at 2nd & NW Glisan Street. The angle is wrong for that. As a boy I spent many hours in the mid-1950s standing on the sidewalk on that ramp watching trains. Instead, I believe it was taken from the roof of the large building at 321 NW Glisan St.

  7. @Oldxwatcher. If the date is nearer 1900 this could be taken from the original steel bridge not the present day bridge.Different perspective I believe as the roadway was much higher.

  8. I just want to say that I think this is one of the more awesome pictures I have seen on here in a while. Just the whole feel of the picture. A moment in time, captured in a very cool way. I am a photographer and there was just something about this picture that really captured me.

  9. It was a growing town. Another freight house is under construction at the far right of the photo.

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