NW 2nd Avenue, 1899

Street view of Chinatown on NW 2nd Avenue, 1899. This, along with other City Archives images, is on display at the Oregon Historical Society as a part of the exhibit, “Beyond the Gate: A Tale of Portland’s Historic Chinatowns,” which runs until June 21, 2016. For more information, please click here.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2010-015.8

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2010-015.8


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10 thoughts on “NW 2nd Avenue, 1899

  1. I wondered what the business “Portland …stract Company” might have been — and just learned (thanks to Wikipedia) that an abstract can mean a collection of legal documents recording the transactions that have transpired with regard to a parcel of land. So perhaps that building housed something like a title company?

  2. “Beyond the Gate: A Tale of Portland’s Historic Chinatowns” is an excellent exhibit. Highly recommended.

  3. Correction:
    This view is apparently from Alder and Second. On the next block down, on the left side of the street, you can see the corner the still extant Waldo Block. Every building in this photo south of the Waldo Block was taken out by the Morrison Bridge approach ramps.

  4. Here is a prior VP post showing the same intersection looking south towards Alder. You can see from the surviving architectural details, that the Dahl & Penne Card Room was in the same building on the right side of today’s photo. The building was demolished in the 80s to make room for the Bank of America Tower.

  5. I have a booklet dated 1925 authored by Dr. C. Gee Wo titled “Things Chinese, Fifth Edition”. Dr. Wo was the proprietor of The C.Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co. located at 262 1/2 Alder Street. I have scans of the front and back covers. I do not know how to copy them here, I’ll post them when I find out.

  6. Dr. Wo..”.No disease need be cured by an operation’. T-shirt’s are available at Zazzle’s on line showing one of his ads. Lasted until the late 30’s. Booklet on sale online for 110 dollars.

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