20 thoughts on “SE 82nd Avenue, 1966

  1. According to the BLS CPI calculator, $0.32 in 1966 would be about $2.34 today, so gas is currently cheaper today than it was in 1966.

  2. Rumblefish: No, this corner was the Shell Station and behind it / sharing the parking lot was the Albertson’s (more or less at the 83rd spot like you said). Albertson’s filled most of the block with the Shell Station at the corner of 82nd & Holgate and a Dry Cleaners on the 84th side. Eastport Plaza was 1 street farther ‘up’ as the picture shows. I lived on the corner of 84th and Holgate across from the Dry Cleaners from birth (60) to 1976.

  3. S and H Green Stamps with your gas. I grew up on the North side of Eastport.The Bank and Firestone are still there.

  4. My grandmother lived on 74th and Holgate so know that intersection well. Didn’t some local disc jockey climb a tower in or around Eastport plaza in the late sixties to raise money for PIL sports?

  5. The decline of 82nd believed to be mainly due to shopping malls. Easier access and parking at a mall. 82nd was very narrow for 4 lanes and busy until the north/south freeway.

  6. I think the freeway turned 82nd into an afterthought. Then it became an alley, one of those narrow little passageways piled high with trash and other debris.

  7. That and the opening of Lloyd Center a few years later and then the opening of Mall 205 in 1970. Only so many stores a region can support. Mall 205 is nothing like it was when it was opened either.

  8. Lloyd Center also opened in 1960. It was always very busy throughout the 1960s & 70s. Downtown was active also in those days. Lloyd Center was an architectural timepiece & it’s a shame it was ever remodeled.

  9. Chuck, that’s what I get for going on memory. At our age mine isn’t getting any better. I agree Lloyd Center was architectural timepiece and should have never been remodeled. It destroyed all the original ambiance of it. But face it retail commercial buildings and areas are probably the most heavily remodeled of any in the US. The iconic Chrysler and Empire State Building.s being commercial office buildings are basically as built over 80 years later.

  10. Yeah, Greg. The main reason why I remember when lloyd’s was built is the fact that my family moved to Irvington summer of 1960 & I went there quite often. I haven’t been there in decades but think I will stop there next time I’m in Portland. I bought a lot of popcorn at Morrow’s, Dave

  11. You could smell it clear down the other end of the ice rink, if an east wind not so far maybe down to the bridge over it. Yumm!!

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