11 thoughts on “Fruit & Flower Day Care, 1948

  1. hard to tell – might not be painted, just untreated, weathered cedar shingles getting old and stained.
    i’d be worried more about the bare wires dangling by the window… which end in mysterious letters! were the kids using an electric arc to burn their initials in the wall??

  2. When pressed to give to the United Way on my first job at the bank in 1973, I found that there were no “ecology-based” charities to assign my money to, so I chose Fruit & Flower Child Care Center – mostly because of the participation of Governor McCall. Plus, I lived in NW Portland, so it made sense. It was a great link and story, thanks for sharing that!

  3. The building they built at 12th and Market was designed by Portland’s Famous Architect, Herman Brookman. He was a well connected and quality designer of the 20’s ,30’s and 40’s. Brookman designed Temple Beth Israel, Manuca (The Julius Meier Estate) in the Columbia gorge and many other quality buildings and homes in the Portland Area.

  4. It’s not there anymore, Dave Brunker. Guild’s Lake was where the NW industrial area is, north of Montgomery Park. A lot of the duplex housing units that had been part of the Guild’s Lake neighborhood were sold off and moved around town.

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