22 thoughts on “NE 82nd Avenue, 1934

  1. Pretty sure the Midget Auto Camp is now the Cameo Cafe seen in the upper right of the Google Streetview with green awnings. The shape and position are correct but it has a new roof line etc.

  2. The original picture was either taken a number of yards up sandy, or with a longer lens. The Google street view uses a wide angle lens which makes things appear further away.

  3. Brian, you beat me to it by minutes. The confectionery on the right has a new awning, no sign and appears to be under new ownership. I bet they weren’t too pleased about the new power pole in front of the building, either. Additionally, the six year old building across the street seems to be empty of occupants.

  4. Correct about being a few hundred yards east of 82nd on Sandy, as the streetcar in the background terminated at 82nd, and there are no tracks or overhead wires in the foreground. Only a few years later the Rose City line streetcars were replaced by trolley buses.

  5. Actually, pretty sure Brian , the Midget Motel/ auto park was down 82nd where Howard Johnson is on east side of 82nd. Grew up in this area. Sandy bus stopped
    at 81st and looped around. We had to pick up the Parkrose line once we stopped here and it stopped at 11:00 Pm and I walked to 105th and Fremont in the 1940’s.

  6. The Midget Auto Camp was located at 2041 E Sandy blvd, (pre address change), so we are looking west at 82nd. The auto camp is where 7-11 now sits.

  7. So it looks like all the buildings are gone now. On the very far left behind the poles is a DRUGS sign. This is now an old gas station turned into a used tire shop.

  8. Allow me this: 82nd has a sharp incline before 82nd (heading north). I’m pretty convinced that the photo is 82nd Ave., NOT Sandy. Reasons why: Photo appears to back at about Fremont looking north, then you see the road disappear out of sight (the grade I mentioned), and lastly, the grove of Douglas Fir in the distant right would be the campus of The Shriners Hospital. ALSO…If it were Sandy; where are the West Hills? They would be faintly visible to an old camera, even at 82nd. Sandy is also on a lighter grade from about 88th to about 78th…Does not look like the gradient on Sandy Boulevard. My vote?: 82nd Ave. looking northbound, either at Fremont, or a block or two north of there.

  9. It looks like the directional arrows on the telephone pole might say “Pacific Highway”, pointing left? Maybe “South” on the lower line?

  10. There’s a streetcar coming down Sandy towards us in the picture, but no track visible in the foreground. Was 82nd the end of the line? Where was the turnaround?

  11. Tin Zeroes and “Fares Please” indicate there was a private trolley extension that ran on Sandy up to 122nd between 1921 and 1928. I imagine this was a transfer point to and from the freight line. I like this photo as it shows the original 16′ concrete width of Columbia River Hwy #2 running along Sandy, as well as the later widening to ~33′

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