12 thoughts on “SE Union Avenue, 1929

  1. This one is a puzzle. So the two story building on the left is being torn down. My first thought was that the little shack being built next to it was a construction office. However, there is a Pennzoil sign above the door. And gas pumps beside it…

  2. the oregon honey building LOOKS like the building at 330 se mlk…. but the decoration on the lower part of the cast-iron columns by the door is different.
    roofline is different, too, but could have been modified by adding bricks at some point. i don’t think you can change cast iron too easily!

    otherwise, i don’t think a single building in this shot survives.

  3. If you move up to the Oregon Honey building using Google Streetview today and look at the facade facing MLK, you can see that it matches.
    The side facing the camera in this photo is just a little different. They must have had to make some changes to that side of the building at some point, but I’m confident it is the same. 🙂

  4. Also, look at the 3rd window in on the 3rd floor (Right below the “H”) in the historical photo.
    It appears that some of the window decor is missing on the south side way back then as well.

  5. yeah, it looks like they slathered the south side in concrete at some point… and putting in a fire escape cost it the tympanum or whatever that is called.
    can anyone make out the name on it? baxter?

    i was glad to see they renovated this building – i walk by it quite a bit.

  6. I don’t know if it was so much a slathering in concrete on the side of the building as it was just simply removing the cast iron architectural details. As Brian noted, the cast iron had already been removed from the third window in on the third floor. Painting over the discolored portion where the detailing had previously been affixed to the building would give us the modern version.

    But I agree with wl that the loss of the identifying pediment is a shame.

  7. It looks like someone had an early version of a sand buggy. The first car on the right has a just a frame, 4 wheels, a steering wheel, windshield, homemade looking seat and I presume an engine. I looked them up and the janitorial supply company is still in business as Clark Janitorial Service. And the Bromo Seltzer ad looks oddly appropriate for this picture to me.

  8. Here is an older VP post showing the view looking the opposite direction down from Burnside. Same year too. They must have been documenting the street widening.

  9. I went to Taco Del Mar for dinner and was surprised to see this building right next to me. The other side of the building is just a brick wall. As my wife pointed out the architectural decorations on the side of the building visible in the picture were already coming off when this picture was taken.

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