22 thoughts on “SW Arthur Street, 1918

  1. The topography has really changed here, so I had to take a look on the street view. Sure enough, the bay windows in the upper left are there today.

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t even sure it was the right street because it slopes in the opposite direction now. It’s amazing how much things can be transformed in a hundred years! If it wasn’t for the house across street it would be hard to put the changes in context.

  3. Ah.. this is a great one!
    Fixer Upper – 247 SW Arthur Street
    Located on the outskirts of beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon, this two-story single family home offers an outstanding view of our emerging city. With only minor foundation work, paint, dry rot repair and a new roof, this sweet deal could be yours to call home sweet home.
    Offered at $1423.00

  4. And all this time I was under the misapprehension that Popeye’s home town was based on a seaport, not a river port.

  5. I thought our friend Van Evera Bailey (the architect) was doing something original by putting his fabulous home on stilts. But Arthur Stree was way ahead of him!

  6. Wow! I get the jitters just looking at that back porch! Swiss Family Robinson perhaps? Jim, do you have a link for the current street view? I’m assuming the street numbers have changed?

  7. So cool to see this transition with a ground level apartment being added since 1918 under the bay windows and then going away with restoration.

  8. I drive through here every day on my way to and from work. Awesome post today. That billboard on the right in CJ’s post is still there. So that large office building on the north side is built entirely on fill?? Ugh.

  9. What I find interesting is that those houses would have been built on the edge of what was then Marquam Gulch. The gulch was later filled in, allowing for the construction of things like Duniway Park and Barbur Boulevard. It appears to me that the photographer was shooting from the north side of the gulch, toward the south. You can get a good view of the gulch on the ride side of this Vintange Portland photo, which dates to c1910. This was about 10 years before the gulch was filled in. The bridge closest to the camera is probably the old railroad trestle, I’m guessing. https://vintageportland.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/sw-sheridan-from-bud-c1900.jpg

  10. I’ll bet we can find those exact houses, precariously perched over the gulch in another Vintage PDX photo? I’ll start hunting.

  11. Great picture !
    Interesting the house it self looks sound, those added on back porches make it look scary.

    The good ol’ days before code enforcement & treated lumber…

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