17 thoughts on “Madison High School, 1957

  1. either they haven’t installed the bleacher seats yet, or senior pranks got waaaaaaay out of hand.

    that bridge at upper left is a defect in the photo – looks like another picture bled into the negative.

  2. wl is right. The bridge has to be from a different photo. Look at the scale of the buildings around the bridge; they’re many times larger than they should be.

  3. And as for across the street, I don’t know about the 50’s, but by the time I was old enough to remember in the mid to late 70’s there was a landfill across the street. A golf driving range was built on top of it some years after it closed.

    I know there was the old 82nd Drive-In but that was down near Johnson Creek Blvd in SE — there’s a shopping center there now with a Best Buy and others.

  4. On the left of the photo is Rose city golf course. Long hitters used to (or still do) hit driver over those trees to take the dog leg out of play.Real risk/reward shot.

  5. I was thinking perhaps the overpass appearance is being caused by a reflection from a window since this is being shot from within an aircraft. Could we be seeing the Halsey St overpass across 82nd, since that would be just behind the airplane?

  6. Across the street, before the landfill, there was a deep gravel pit with trucks going in and out all day. I went up and down those concrete steps being built on the side of the hill a million times going to school there in the 60’s.

  7. My mother was in the first class to attend that school all four years. Her older brother was transfered from the old Washington high school to become the first graduating class at Madison. She said it was hard on the senior class but they bonded to make it the best year they could. She said the students wanted to be the Minutemen as their mascot but Marshall got that so they were stuck with the Senators. Heh, to this day she still says that with disgust.

  8. i think bb97213 is right – that bridge is more likely a reflection in the window (there is a bit of glare at lower right, as well). but the halsey overpass doesn’t seem right… what year did that go in? maybe we are seeing the bridge over the highway?

  9. The Banfield Freeway opened in 1955. It was originally only from 33rd to 82nd. By the late 50’s it made it 102nd and by the early 60’s made it to Union Ave and 122nd Ave. So I think this reflection is probably the 82nd overpass

  10. This looks a bit like the Roosevelt schoolyard a few weeks back. It will be interesting to see the final result of their remodel. I’m glad they’re saving the original buildings and renovating the approach to the primary facade.

  11. Maybe the Halsey overpass at 68th. There is a grocery store there that looks like the white building in the photo.

  12. Speaking of Rose city Golf course, in the 60’s we use to play for 80 cents for 9. As kids we use to hit through the trees on the dogleg, with success sometimes if we bounced off the trees and made it through.

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