A map of Holladay’s Addition, looking west from East Portland, 1890.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, Birdsye view from East Portland with Holladay's Addition (digital only), A2010-015, 1890

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, Birdsye view from East Portland with Holladay’s Addition (digital only), A2010-015, 1890


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  1. It’s interesting that Sandy appears to end at 16th. Even today it maintains its old diagonal footpath route down to 7th. Does anybody have any history or thoughts about it?

  2. Interesting that some 27 years after the battle and some 105 years before basic cable TV brought us the History Channel Portland is depicted as hosting a Gettysburg Cyclorama at what seems to be 4th and Pine. I wonder if this was painted on site or if it was a touring exhibit meant to move on after several years leaving the exhibit building/structure behind.


  3. Cycloramas are covered on the “Cafe Unknown” website for the Sunday November 14th 2010’s entry. Enter Cyclorama up on the left side of the home page.

  4. Dan S., yes, Sandy used to stop/start at 16th and Davis which can be seen on many old Maps. I’m not sure exactly when the two block extension to Burnside was done, but south of Burnside the project to extend Sandy was in the early documenting stages by 1929 and completed by 1932, which can be seen in previous VP posts.

    If you’re interested you might want to read through the many comments on this post from a few years ago. In the comments to that post, among the many other people discussing the issue, I had linked to a number of previous unknown and number-man posts that we figured out were properties being cleared for the extension.

  5. @Jim. Thanks for the link. I saw the then newly restored Cyclorama at the Gettysburg Battlefield many years ago on a visit to the Battlefield . 1968 I think. Wondering how and when the local version came about.

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