14 thoughts on “Barbershop, circa 1931

  1. Would this barber shop be in Gresham, maybe? The calendar seems to be from a Gresham bank, and I would think calendars wouldn’t travel too far in those days. I’m not even sure if the blue buses that serviced Gresham in my childhood (1950s) were operating in 1924.

  2. Regarding the date, if you follow the efiles link you’ll see this photo is from the Irene Archer collection — featured on VP many times — which was, “A collection of images taken by an itinerate photographer during the early part of the Great Depression.” All the photos are from the early 30’s so I think the date is pretty conclusively 1930 in this case.

  3. well, we know it isn’t the previous shop (wrong floor)! and it likely has been there for quite some time – the woodwork trim looks victorian, rimlock door – and the fact that the sink faucets are fuller ball cocks… they were made until the 20s, but were out-of-favor long before.

    that, and i know i wouldn’t want a cut from either guy! kid on right is a walking ad for bad hair, and the guy on the left will give you whatever he feels like giving you and you’ll like it or there’ll be trouble…

  4. chuck, i agree the kid is well-groomed… but i never understood the asymmetrical hairstyles of the 30s and 40s!

    i find the man in the chair the most interesting; old shoes, skinny as a fence post, (well-kept) dungarees, and weathered skin. farmer? retired logger? he looks too well-kempt to be a prop brought in off the skid road for the photo……

  5. Two first aid cabinets close by! I bet there were many a nicked scalp, neck, throat and ear that required a band-aid or two! The chap in the chair could have been a very early settler if this is 1930. Oh and we have the ever famous ‘Lucky Tiger’ hair elixir in view. GREAT SHOT!

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