13 thoughts on “Unidentified Barbershop, circa 1931

  1. The archive notes on this photo say:
    “View of a man standing in the doorway of a barber shop. There is a refection of a man standing on the street which is visible. A sign hanging in the window states “Union Shop”. Date is circa.”

    Can we find anything on “Union Shop”?

  2. Its clearly 1930. The calendar inside the shop says Tuesday, August 26. August 26 fell on a Tuesday in 1930, not in 1931.

  3. In the reflection I see a sign that says “Pacific Meat Co.”… could we narrow the location down with that name?

    Also, the calendar inside the shops reads: “Tuesday, August 26.”

  4. Our friendly barber’s wall calendar is captured with Tuesday, August 26. This doesn’t fit 1931. Likely that we are in 1930?

  5. Pacific Meat Co. appears to be another calendar inside the shop, not a reflection, so a red herring for location.

  6. This man paid attention to his appearance. White shirt with tie, pants fit well. The shoes appear to have “lift” heels, perhaps resoled. The right hand appears more muscular than the left, probably from operating scissors for many years.
    The National Museum of American History has a posting about Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic. Lucky Tiger products are still sold today.

  7. Pacific meat was way down Columbia blvd. in north Port. They used to dump raw sewage into the slough back then.

  8. There are streetcar tracks in the reflection of the road. Correlating a list of barbershop addresses from 1930 with streetcar lines would narrow down the possibilities considerably.

  9. The street is not real wide and the house across is close to the sidewalk as it’s porch steps land by the sidewalk. That should eliminate many streets in town.

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