9 thoughts on “N Willamette Boulevard, 1933

  1. I sure wish the photo had shown the top of that contraption. My guess is that is is a diesel operated drill. There is a hand crank on the right side of the motor. Anyone have other thoughts on the contraption? I think it is fascinating to see construction techniques and equipment from much earlier times.

  2. The bluffs down to the river look to be a fire hazard even back then. I recall a difficult fire was fought there about 20 years ago, and operations on the railroad below were eventually established as the probable cause of the fire. Non-native plant species that have invaded make the fire problem much worse today.

  3. The machine is a pile driver, You can follow the trail of previously driven piles in the photo. Note that the tops are mushroomed from the pounding of the hammer. The pilings in this case are being driven to stabilize the hill side. Just a guess but it appears that the area in question is earthen fill.

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