12 thoughts on “W Burnside Street, 1967

  1. We’ve been checking for the “today” view via Google Earth every day — good to know someone else is doing something analogous! Your view using Street View was better — thanks for the comment!

  2. This photo is tagged “Battleship Oregon” but I can’t see anything that might explain why in this photo. Anybody know? Is that a mistake?

  3. “photo is tagged “Battleship Oregon”

    perhaps a reference to the size of the cars back-in-the-day?


  4. Cary, 405 is still under construction in 1967. The earliest portion didn’t open until 1969. Since the Carlton Hotel isn’t in this picture and there is a guardrail where 14th intersects with Burnside, I’m guessing this section had been dug out but not yet completed.

  5. Mike – If I remember correctly, the Corvair brand might have been intended by Chevrolet marketing to stand on its own, so as not to devalue the brand with a low price point. This is much the same approach used as has been done in more modern times with Geo (GM), Scion (Toyota), Smart Car (Mercedes), etc.

  6. On the left just under the old painted Hires sign was the last resting place of Larry Howard’s Cafe Espresso. Blue Cheer was about to or had just played there. Can’t remember. Damned loud in such a small room. The Crystal was alive by that point too.

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