SW 6th Avenue, circa 1955

A parade at SW 6th Avenue and SW Pine Street with the Errol Heights fire engine, circa 1955.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon: Parade at SW 6th Avenue and SW Pine Street with Errol Heights engine, A2001-083, 1955

City of Portland Archives, Oregon: Parade at SW 6th Avenue and SW Pine Street with Errol Heights engine, A2001-083, 1955


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11 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, circa 1955

  1. Finally, a semi-clear picture of the original design of the building to the left of the Broadway Garage. That building still exists but was re-clad in panels in an attempt to modernize it. It recently underwent a very interesting new paint-job that makes it look much more lively and much less boring.

    As near as I can tell, the Arata Brothers were Italian immigrants who got their start in Portland selling liquor. After prohibition, they became grocers and were particularly known for their importation and sale of olive oil.

    I don’t know if they were still in the grocery business in 1955 (though I did find a reference to an Arata Brothers grocery calendar from 1931.)

  2. With all the uniformed military on the sidewalks, suppose that this is a particularly warm Veteran’s Day Parade?

  3. The Arata bros. are well known in the antique bottle collectors community. I personally have two of their bottles from the late nineteenth early twentieth century.

  4. it looks like the truck is turning left down Pine street. Did that used to be a through street? I think today that would take them through the middle of the US Bankcorp Tower.

  5. Rod, it did indeed used to be a through street, as was Ankeny. Today, you take Pine straight into underground parking for Big Pink when you approach it from the east.

    There is also a “remnant” of Ankeny in the fact that the interior pillars separating the Tower from the Plaza follow the old street path.

  6. From the Tribune ” At what is now Wood Village, the Arata brothers established a full electrical system on their farm. The cost would be $25 a month, just for the lights. The Aratas not only lighted their buildings, but also strung lights along the road leading to their place. And they remodeled their home, lavishing it with architectural detail. The house is still there. It is the nursing home at the corner of Halsey Street and 242nd Avenue.” Currently there is an Arata Creek an Arata Creek School and an Arata street in Troutdale.

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