7 thoughts on “SE 82nd Avenue, 1934

  1. Depressing and ugly in 1934, and still so in 2015. (Although there are fewer overhead wires. ) I find it hard to see any charm in old pictures of 82nd.

  2. See that little incline on 82nd in the center of the picture? That’s Hawthorne street. I grew up at the end of the block on 80th. It looks to me like the streets weren’t paved in those days. In this picture, all the buildings on 82nd are gone but some of the houses to the west (left side of the picture) may still be there.

    My mother told me this area used to have a fruit tree orchard. She says this run-down house on 80th and Clay (that went from white to brown to blue) is the old bunk house.


  3. I wonder which school the school zone sign applies. Also, in the lower left there are some lawn decorations, vases, etc. My first thought was that this was the front of a berry stand, funeral home or cemetery, but I suspect it’s just the front of a house.

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