11 thoughts on “SE 60th Avenue, circa 1932

  1. I just can’t believe we’ve evolved from this to superstores like Costco, Fred Meyer (aka Kroeger’s) and all the ‘marts’ Bimart and Walmart. What happened? I’d surmise that the produce in those bins is probably organic and fresh from the fields of Forest Grove. Great photo.

  2. This looks like a transitional phase between today’s self-serve market and the old school grocery where you gave your list of items to the grocer and he or she pulled the stock for you.
    I’m curious about the bin on the right with the cans haphazardly tossed in. Given it was the depression era, I wonder if this was an early food drive.

  3. Please ignore the extraneous “ha” in my previous post. I’m working with a glitchy computer today.

    This early, the brain is kind of glitchy too.

  4. Yes quite odd about all those cans haphazardly tossed in when everything else is stacked so neat and tidy. When were shopping carts invented? According to wiki: One of the first shopping carts was introduced on June 4, 1937.

  5. Wouldn’t take an earthquake, just a heavy truck going by to topple some of those can pyramids.

    The disheveled display of cans on the right is the sale table — looks like your choice 13 cents.

  6. Page 33 of the Oregonian of February 5th, 1952 tells some of the story. (.Available to anyone with a Multnomah county library card).

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