8 thoughts on “Pioneer Courthouse, 1933

  1. What’s the story on the building on the right in the photo; where Pioneer Courthouse Square is now? It had to have been torn down to make way for the plaza?

  2. Melissa, That was The Portland Hotel, a very important building in the history of Portland. I believe it was built with railroad money. Google it.

  3. Wow! A Model AA Ford popcorn wagon! They used to have one that parked in front of Sears & Roebuck across the river. I remember it well as a kid in the early 50’s. The little old man that ran it sold everything from popcorn to candy to tobacco to ???..

  4. EcoFeminist: I just did some checking and The Oregonian reported in 2004 that the post office was moved out of the building when it was renovated to add basement parking for federal judges. There was a long fight over the parking garages and the city fought the idea, but the feds (who own the building) eventually won out. The reason given for the move at the time was that there wouldn’t be room for the post office after the renovation.

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