6 thoughts on “N Larrabee Avenue, 1957

  1. I remember seeing a lot of garages like that in the neighborhood when my family lived on NE 11th & Shaver in the early 60s.

  2. I lived close to the Lloyd Center for 25 years in a house that was built in 1890. It had a garage in the basement which originally was used to park the buggy. The horse was kept at the neighborhood livery two blocks away.

  3. More often,
    A horse was just rented for the day or whatever from the nearby stable.
    Owning a horse was then as is today considerable expense.

  4. I see this picture and wonder about the girl. It was “only” 58-59 years ago, she could still be living and in Portland. Does she know about the picture? Rhetorical question!

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