9 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, circa 1931

  1. Are we certain about this address? 8812 N Lombard is at or next door to the Jowers building and I’m pretty sure it predates 1931.

    Also, in 1931 that section of Lombard would have been named Jersey.

    I see a 302 address above the door. If this is on Lombard, that would translate to 2932 N Lombard by today’s numbering system (this would place it at the All That Glitters storefront).

  2. Looking again, I see the number is 307 which was renamed 8812 N Jersey in 1931. But I still don’t think that translates after the extension of Lombard into the St. Johns Jersey street.

  3. According to my copy of the City’s 1931 street re-numbering report, 307 SOUTH Jersey in St. Johns became 8326 NORTH Jersey. It is now 8326 N. Lombard and amazingly still seems mostly intact (see Google maps street view).

    Historical trivia: In addition to the pictured hat shop, this address hosted many different retail businesses over the years. And for a long time, it featured attached living quarters (a 2 rm. apt.) at the same address number. The first published (Oregonian) reference to it is as a candy store in 1911 conveniently across street from a school. In 1915 it was advertised as a store “with plumbing” renting for $10/mo. In 1943-44 it was a tax preparer’s storefront, before reverting to a candy store. The store contents (displays, counters, stools, etc.) were auctioned off in 1946 and it turned into a restaurant (e.g., “The Jersey Eatery”) in the 1950s; it’s front window was blown out in a gas line explosion in 1951. In the 1960s, it was a store again, and by 1968 a storefront for an Oregonian newspaper delivery route. It was mostly an antique and then a quilting store in the 1970s “in the heart” of downtown St. Johns. Now it looks like its a pastry shop and/or aquarium supplies store.

    BTW, Louise of the pictured hat shop partnered with Olga in the 1940s under the business shield “Olga and Louise’s Hat shop” in another unknown location.

  4. I show the location as becoming an income tax business and the Audrey candy shop run by a Mr Marinus Verhagen who set the place on fire in 1946.

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