18 thoughts on “SW Washington Street, 1962

  1. Why can’t we zoom in anymore? The site still says “Click on any image to see a larger version” but it doesn’t seem to work any longer. Ho hum…

  2. The only way I seem to be able to do it now is by clicking this:

    View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

    But, mark me down as also wondering why. One of these days it would be nice if Vintage Portland would create a survey or a list of questions we could all respond to…or would that be asking too much?

  3. I thought maybe it was my computer. But I see its not. One of the treats to these old photos is to be able to click & zoom. The last three posts I wasn’t able to. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon.

  4. I had that trouble with the last two posts, too, but it looks like it’s/they’ve been fixed… at least for me in Chrome 46.0.2490.86 with only the “ABP” and “HTTPS Everywhere” extensions.

  5. Comparing the 1962 and 2015 photos, I had always thought that the vintage iron streetlamps were a 1970’s era update when downtown received a lot of investment inflow after getting rid of the harbor freeway. I now stand corrected – they’ve obviously been there a lot longer. Anyone know when they were put in? They look pretty much Queen Anne / Victorian era.

  6. I didn’t know that Semler’s was a Sporting Goods Store. I remember them being an optical store. Anyone know the story?

  7. Yeah, I thought he was a dentist. I looked it up and all I could find was an optical office in Eugene, which sounded familiar as well. But, I had no idea there was a Semlers Sporting Goods. I have been wondering if anyone else remembers the Sporting Goods Store.

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