6 thoughts on “Japanese Garden, 1968

  1. we use to live on King Street Apts. off of Burnside and within walking distance of the Rose gardens and park and zoo

  2. Predictably, the white building in the upper left, “the meat house” used to store carnivore food when this was part of the zoo is there. It was used as a storage shed. There’s a car parked in front of the main gate. The tea house is just a concrete slab. There’s no water in any of the ponds or artificial streams. A lot of the sand from the sand garden is missing. There’s a road going around the wisteria gate.

    Looks like the garden is under construction in this picture.

  3. This post and yesterdays seem to have some problem in coding. On neither of these can I click and the photo and have it enlarge. But, the previous posts still work in that way, so it doesn’t seem like an issue on my end.

  4. The old zoo when on this location had a one way road up for entrance and a one way down for
    exit. I believe I see them both in this picture.

  5. Great photo. Thank you for posting it. A couple of interesting details:

    The tea house was built during the winter of 1968 under a large structure assembled to protect it from the weather. The top of that structure is the large whitish rectangle visible in the lower left. https://www.flickr.com/photos/10665268@N04/1370279253/in/album-72157601991182707/

    The white sand in the Flat Garden (top center) is being replaced. Original locally sourced white gravel/sand proved to be unsatisfactory and was replaced by gravel from the Shirakawa River in Kyoto. Bags of the imported Japanese gravel can be seen lining the road.

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