15 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard

  1. Yeah, the building is still there. Noticing the big white house on the left appears new. Did some checking and it was. Todays address is 1433 S,E. 46th. And it too is still there. Shows it was built in 1922. An estimated worth (today) of $450.000.

  2. My office is the second house in from left. Portland Maps has it being built in 1922 so either date of picture is inaccurate or house was still being built

  3. Likely. I bought it in 2005. I am a counselor and was looking for an office. I discovered it was zoned commercial by looking at Portland Maps as it was listed as residential. Apparently the house next door in white was at some point a café and beauty salon as it was commercial too. I have heard that is not unusual a house or two down from major streets.

  4. Davidson’s Sunbeam Bread, right? With a picture on the wrapper of a little girl about to take a big bite out of a butter-slathered slice of bread?

  5. Linda, they usually exited out the passenger side. It was very common then. I have a 1949 panel truck that can only be unlocked from the passenger side! (Made that way at the factory) I was told it was for safety so people didn’t exit their car into traffic. If you notice in a lot of old movies, people get in and out of their cars that way. As a bicyclist, I can appreciate that 🙂

  6. carol and scott, a county employee told me that the dates on portlandmaps.com is the year property taxes were first paid on the building, so they weren’t always spot-on (my house was built 1905, was listed as 1911, for instance). a more accurate date is obtained by looking under ‘historic permits’ on the website – if they exist for that property! you can then find the original plumbing permits with dates on them.

  7. The trunk in front of the store when the photo was taken was probably owned by the store owner since the sign on the side is mostly weathered off. A lot of the paint on the wood truck body had flaked off. In those days and into the 1960’s, owners of small stores had to go out at 4AM to the wholesale produce, fruit and meat warehouses to purchase what they would sell and bring it back to their store. Beer, pop and bread may have been delivered but most other items had to be purchased and brought to the store by the owner. An old flivver Ford Model T truck worked fine for that. They were cheap to buy used and cheap to run. Notice that it had not been washed and the car in front is even dirtier. People did not wash cars and store owners trucks rarely got washed. When you cleaned house you used a broom and owning a radio or anything else electric besides a light in each room was rare in 1921. The electric sewing machine was a totally new thing then and most people that has sewing machines had treadle’s. You had to build a fire in your kitchen stove to cook or to heat water to take a bath. Automatic clothes washer – NO, your clothes dryer is your clothes line in the basement. Deoderant – nope, most people smelled bad as they took a bath once a week or less. Your clock had to be serviced every four years to keep running. Your house required constant exterior paint repairs as did your roof and rain gutters. You pushed your lawn mower by hand if you could afford to buy one.
    Life was tough back then. Most people smelled bad, had bad breath and did not live all that long if they had medical issues.

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