17 thoughts on “Del Rio Barbecue and Tamales, 1933

  1. The Del Rio Barbecue sign has survived and is hanging on the wall inside Pacific Coast Paints on SE 7th. I have always admired that sign when I go there. Now I know where it was from! Nice photo.

  2. I think it is really a nice little building, unusual for a building like this to have so much glass and operable windows too. great the way they could open the windows on the end and have a covered outdoor space. you can see a stove pipe in that space for a wood burning stove.

  3. Powell Valley Rd, like Cherry Park Rd., originally began as a longer route that mostly went east-west, sometimes meandering north-south. Those north-south portions eventually became subsumed by and renamed as avenues. That explains why portions of the road names appear on different parallels.

  4. Curiously, this property was for sale in 1933. I found one real estate ad in the Oregonian (15 Dec 1933) listing this address (12187) for sale for $3,800. It was described not as a business property, but as a “modern” 5-room house on 3/4 acre with a “chicken house,” on “hi way” and bus line with city utilities. So, maybe someone bought the property as a residence and converted it to business use? Scribe9 comment above may be correct.

  5. My mother grew up in Portland in the ’20s and ’30s. She said the only widely known non-Euro-American menu items at the time were Chinese food and Tomales. (Pizza did not come along till the late ’40s and early ’50s). I thought it was interesting that tomales was the one Mexican food item available rather than tacos and burritos. Since then I’ve read that tomales is authentically Mexican than tacos, burritos, etc.

  6. ^I found it interesting that tomales were the one Mexican food item available rather than tacos and burritos. Since then I’ve read that tomales are authentically Mexican, while tacos, burritos, etc. not so much.

  7. Connecting signage and Powell..Would anyone have a picture of the old Powell Lumber on 33rd? I came across the Dutch Boy sign at a recent sale and would love to have a photo of it intact. It is rather large and only the DUTCH in script is on it now.Thanks!

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