12 thoughts on “St. John Bridge, circa 1930

  1. It’s amazing to me how men with a few shovels (and other tools) could erect such wonders as the St John’s Bridge. No doubt until their deaths these builders told stories and pointed with pride to their handiwork. Do people today still point with pride to their efforts in our age of huge machines, computer design, robots and pre-fab construction?

  2. Sure they do. Talked to an steel worker who helped build the Park West Tower going in behind Nordstrom. Very proud of that work.

  3. RE: Mike – I totally agree. I come from the days of hand drafted plans, and still work in architecture. Only today we use different shaped shovels.

  4. Friend of mine who does construction was just commenting last week on the pride he feels when he drives by something he works on.

  5. I would like to know if there is a way to get a copy of this picture in an 8×10. My wife great grandpa is the one dr oh ving the truck and would love to get this for her birthday coming, would be a great suprise. ramonesctp@yahoo.com

  6. It’s in about half of the books I’ve seen on great bridges of the world.
    The engineer in charge of its revamping in the ’90s wrote a fascinating article about how the bridge was put together, and renewed. He loved working on it; he said it was the project of a lifetime.

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