Site Philosophy

We updated the site and are now including a Site Philosophy page. The information below can be found in the menu bar above.


Site Philosophy

On June 23, 2014, the City of Portland Archives and Record Center (PARC) assumed responsibility for the Vintage Portland blog, which was conceived, created and maintained by Dan Davis starting in 2009. It is our goal to provide a broad sampling of the PARC’s extensive photo collection, while also offering archives and special collections throughout Oregon the opportunity to showcase their Portland-area photos.

Having assumed responsibility, we’ve chosen to alter the process somewhat. Dan did a great job researching and providing detailed posts; however, we noticed that the Vintage Portland followers enjoy discovering the photo details and sharing those discoveries with the VP community. This, and the reality of managing hundreds of thousands of images, does not allow us to spend much time researching single items.

We will continue to offer the VP community a wide-variety of images, and from time-to-time will solicit your help in identifying photos. We hope to provide access to information and resources that will spark interest and encourage others to continue further research.


Corrections and Questions

Most of the photos within the PARC collections have been briefly identified by the photographer or employee before PARC receives them. Those descriptions are carried forward when we catalog the photos, but sometimes the original description is off and VP followers can help us correct those mistakes. We look for corrections that have wide support within the community and are verifiable when a description is incorrect. The corrections may not be made right away, but updates will happen as time allows.

Most questions we see on the site are addressed by other VP members, but sometimes you will have a question for us specifically. When this is the case, please make sure you email your question directly to us at

5 thoughts on “Site Philosophy

  1. What the hell? A site philosophy? How very city of Portland of you. My site philosophy doesn’t indulge bullshit. Why nit just put up old pictures?

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful and very satisfying discussion of your objectives and approach. I think you are doing interesting and important work. Every morning brings a new view into our collective past. Is Vintage Portland an exempt organization and do you accept contributions?

  3. Considering that the City is under no obligation to offer this service, I am pleased, amazed and very grateful you are doing this. It’s certainly understandable that in any endeavor, as time goes on changes need to be made. I commend Vintage Portland for the effort to provide accurate information. I, for one am appreciative of this site.

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