14 thoughts on “SW Washington Street, 1965

  1. Typical late afternoon…probably in early spring, right around rush hour…a light drizzle…and umbrella or two…ahhh…Portland…home sweet home!

  2. Look at those cars. A few strays in there, but this is when automobiles were made in Detroit Michigan. In 1965, Detroit was the richest per capita city in America. Within a generation, poof, it was mostly gone.

  3. If I recall correctly, the great restaurant, Chen’s Dynasty (or Uncle Chen’s) was on Washington. Does anybody remember the exact address and cross streets or if the building that housed it is still there?

  4. The building with the Rexall drug store is the Pittock Block building. The office on the third floor with the Chicago & Northwestern System logo is my dad’s old office. He worked for the C&NW Railroad for forty years, retiring around the time this picture was taken. I remember watching several Rose Festival parades from those windows.

  5. It’s interesting to see a 1965 photo of the old “Bohemian Restaurant” (popularly known as “the Downtown Bohemian”) shown in the middle ground on the south side of Washington. I had forgotten all about this once upon a time Portland landmark.

    The Bohemian had a pretty long history for these parts. Founded in 1915 or 1916, it remained a popular dining spot and cocktail lounge under this same name through the late 1960s. It was associated with a long-ago famous local men’s choral group aptly named “The Bohemians.” The group founded in the mid-1950s held rehearsals in this venue; the choir consisted of local business and professional men, and they performed locally for various charity benefits and local TV and even on a few national network variety shows. The Neuberger family (Ruth Neuberger, mother of OR US senator Richard Neuberger) were the sole owners of the Bohemian for many years. I believe a local holding company (Amalgamated Restaurants) bought the business some time in the early 1960s; Amalgamated declared bankruptcy in 1968, leading to the sale and closure of The Bohemian and allied businesses such as the Bohemian Bakery and Matt Vetsch Ice Cream Co. on NE Sandy and the “Whistlin’ Pig” in downtown PDX.

  6. My father was a young dentist at the time who practiced on the 6th floor of the Portland Medical Center. I remember The Bohemian and also the dress shop on the ground floor that faced the PMC. It was call La Mode. I can still see the mannequins in the windows. I too remember watching Rose Festival parades from Dad’s office. Great memories. Beautiful old building. When was it building torn down?

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