SE 72nd Avenue, circa 1931

Kamp Kellum located on SE 72nd Avenue and SE Woodstock Boulevard, circa 1931.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2008-001.95

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2008-001.95


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14 thoughts on “SE 72nd Avenue, circa 1931

  1. violet rays were quack medical devices that emitted ultra-violet light; violet ray gas was a ‘vitalized’ gas from general petroleum that was colored purple to market it. i wonder if it was a big a crock as the medical devices, or if it actually was a better gas!

  2. The Efiles page says 6005 SE 72nd, which would put the service station on the SW corner where the Mt Scott pub is now, but PortlandMaps says that structure was built in 1911. The stop sight at the right of the image is confusing me too.

  3. On the far right there is a stop sign facing away from the photographer and a sign facing us that appears to read “Leaving Portland…” In 1931 Duke was the southern boundary of the city for both 72nd and 82nd avenues. Sanborn (sheet 1180) shows a corner gas station at an angle at Duke and 72nd. But yeah, Oregonian places this at 82nd and Powell.

  4. and the picture johnh noted clearly has a sign reading ‘powell’ and ‘city center,’ both pointing to left. so the gas station is on the ne corner. street signs are angled badly so can’t tell whether it says 82 or 72, but it looks like an 8 to me.

  5. Look at this past post of the same corner, taken 6 years later. Note the building behind and left of the gas station. The roof is the same in both, complete with stripes and facade shape and height. Definitely 82nd & Powell.

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