SW Washington Street, 1962

Peter’s Office Supply Co. located on SW Washington Street between SW 2nd Avenue and SW 3rd Avenue, January 29, 1962.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2005-001.698

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2005-001.698


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4 thoughts on “SW Washington Street, 1962

  1. Yes, this is in the Postal Building (formerly the earliest of Henry Failing’s Office Building, I believe).

    You can see the reflection of either the extant Waldo Block or now gone Council Building. If those are the second floor windows in the reflection, it’s the Waldo Block (The Council Building and Waldo Block had similar window styles, but they were reversed on the second and third floors as you can see in the linked page).

  2. About 1966 my first summer job was as the bicycle delivery boy for Peter’s Office Supply. At that time I worked out of their warehouse at the SE corner of 9th and Flanders. I remember grinding up the grades going south as far as Portland State with heavy loads of office supplies for our customers. Somehow, my teenage brain thought it better to haul everything to the high point for the first drop-off and then enjoy the down-hill glide from place to place until I breezed across Burnside with an empty basket.
    Upon my return, Peter’s would typically have another set of deliveries for me; I got irreplaceable lessons in dependability and persistence.
    I also learned about capitalism: one trip took me to Newberry’s to buy a glass ashtray (something not in our inventory), which Peter’s immediately sold to a customer for three times our purchase price.

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