14 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1958

  1. It looks like this photo may be documenting some car damage done to our favorite underground restroom ventilator.

  2. There were two underground restrooms on this corner. Actually the large round column on the curb was the vent for both and in 1958 as you can see the old
    Portland Hotel had been replaced by a 2 level parking lot. Pioneer Square was still in the future

  3. I think with the Transit Mall construction, the vent was moved to the back of the corner, by the fence, rather than it’s original location out by the curb. Don’t know if it was reconnected so it actually vented the now-unused rest rooms any more.

  4. I wondered the same thing, Doug, but I think it is actually in the same place but the curbs/sidewalk were extended.

  5. And one last link (sorry for multiple posts, but in the old days trying to post multiple links in a single post got you flagged for approval which could take a long time for the admin to see and approve).

    Restroom Interior

  6. I used to catch the Irvington bus on the corner right across from M&F. This photo with the wet streets & sidewalks brings back many uncomfortable memories.

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