6 thoughts on “Centennial Mills, 1965

  1. Almost a perfect outline of the bow of a big ship!
    Wonder what the story was? The company brass are mixing it with the dockworkers, as well, but standing separate.

  2. Dominic is correct. After a cursory search, it appears that the dock was rammed by a grain freighter ‘Aegean Mariner’ in 1965, and was rebuilt thereafter. Now the quiet waterfront home of rodent generations feasting on the vintage grain spills.

  3. soon to be flat as a pancake made from those vintage grain spills.they are going to save 2 out of 12 structures,starting any day now with demo

  4. Originally Crown Flour, built in 1910, and later on Centennial, became Portland Development Commission’s headache around 2000. The contractor who finally got the go ahead to demo, had a hand in the Trojan job. A picture of the old mill in its better day is the VP post from 3/7/11. The U.S.S. St. Louis visits Rose Festival 1913.

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