11 thoughts on “SW 2nd Avenue, 1981

  1. A nice follow-up to the Lotus building pic posted a few days ago. This entire block is about to be transformed. As I mentioned, the Lotus building is due to be demolished and it and the parking lot replaced by a hotel. The United Workmen’s Temple building will be rehabbed and paired with a new office building that will go up on the quarter block to its west where the Good Earth Cafe is. Very excited to see this building brought back to life!

  2. This is an explorers delight !
    As electrician I worked in this building alot over the years.
    Aside from sleazy nightclubs of somekind on lower floors, The upper floors are literally stuffed with decades worth all manner of stuff from concrete mixer, British Sportscars, to furniture & fixtures residue of various tenants.
    The long defunkt freight elevator will need a major re-hab to get all that stuff removed…
    The basement still has wall of bunks where a traveling Lodge Member could get a place to sleep & an enormous & ornate cast iron furnace of what heated the building at one time.

    Btw, the nightclub tennants were maintaining real deathtrap. Firstly the building is a firetrap, With is crappy & little egress especially off the mezzanine floor.
    Cram as many patrons possible as is the normal practise for a nightclub…
    Lucky there were no fire disasters over the years.

  3. Interesting! Where are you getting that info from, Brad? I hadn’t heard anything about the Lotus going away — you’d think it’d be big news, as one of the city’s oldest bars. It was my understanding that the new hotel (AC Hotel) was going to be on the next block over, the long-empty lot at the corner of SW 3rd & Taylor where they’ve fenced off and started drilling.

  4. Hi MeJ,
    The AC Hotel is indeed a separate hotel going up just a block away. There are something like 14 hotels in various stages from proposed to under construction around downtown. It’s pretty wild! I think there hasn’t been much word about the Lotus yet because it’s in a very early stage of planning. You can find out more about the project on “nextportland.com” under the BDS reports from Sept. 8th, which mentions the temple building rehab, but not the Lotus. There has also been a fair amount of discussion on the Portland skyscraper forum: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=218590

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