11 thoughts on “SW Patton Road, 1965

  1. also, rumblefish, the legends say that this corner was relandscaped
    precisely because of gangs of hooligans like this one! there is now
    a bus stop and vegetation covering what apparently used to be a bit of a teen hang-out….

  2. I hope that’s a shadow, or that first kid looks like he has a pretty nasty road rash on his thigh…shooting 40 mph on a plywood skateboard.

  3. He looks pretty chill, waving hello to the photographer. The other ‘dude’ looks like he is going to take Vista down with some nice form! Could you imagine this happening now? Not on your life!

  4. Oh, my gosh, the old Ford Falcon in back.. I had a ’60 four door sedan, rustbucket, paid 35.00 way back when I was 17, around 85 yr ago, I’m 60 now, sold OT for 70.00, I think. Loved that car.

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