5 thoughts on “SE Gladstone Street, circa 1932

  1. The tracks are of the “WS” (Woodstock) streetcar Line, Standard Gauge, from downtown via Hawthorne, 11th Ave (inbound by 12th Ave), Clinton, 26th, 28th, Gladstone, 42nd, (jogged to) 41st and Woodstock to 57th Ave.

  2. I’m curious about what exactly they’re repairing. They’re digging holes in front of each property. It seems unlikely that all of the properties’ connections broke at the same time, but I guess they could have if the original work was shoddy or the ground settled in an unanticipated way over time. Maybe they’re (re-)connecting properties that were formerly on septic systems to a newly installed or replaced sewer pipe in the street?

  3. Probably connecting sewers to houses. I live in Rose City area and about 10 years ago a neighbor was having problems with his sewer line backing up. Most of the houses were built between 1910 & 1940. Everyone thought it was because the sewer lines from the houses to the main connection are concrete pipe were failing, a lot of them have had to be dug up and replaced including mine. To the surprise of everyone the problem was that the house had never been connected to the sewer and was still on a cesspool. He never got any consideration that he had been paying sewer charges all these years when he got a healthy bill from the city for sewer assessment and connection fees. That was on top of what the contractor charged him to install the new line.

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