8 thoughts on “SW Macadam Avenue, 1963

  1. Assuming that, aside from the name, this Dante’s Inferno has nothing to do with the club at SW3rd and Burnside?

  2. This photo is actually taken from just South of Boundary street. It appears the Biltwell building is still there, but everything else is gone.

  3. Craig and Mike, you’re both right. The B.P. John factory manufactured furniture, and if you look at the sign over the main entrance you can make out the words “upholstry” and “furniture.” Apparently B.P. John sold the factory in 1953, but it continued to make furniture.

    Considering how similar the logos are it looks like Bitwell, Inc. may have switched from furniture to motorcycle parts and accessories at some time.

  4. I sold The Journal and Oregonian papers at five cents each during the 1950’s at Biltwell and BP John’s. Used to get my papers at Jacobsens gas station on the corner.Grew up one block away at 5202 SW Corbett.

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