The Columbian 3, circa 1950

The Columbian 3, an 1860’s fire engine, was pulled by firefighters who also worked the pump by hand. This photo was taken outside of Station 19 (6049 SE Stark Street), circa 1950. The engine is currently on display at the Fire Museum which is located at 35th Avenue and Belmont Street.


The Columbian 3, Circa 1950: A2001-083

The Columbian 3, Circa 1950: A2001-083


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7 thoughts on “The Columbian 3, circa 1950

  1. The website for the Jeff Morris Fire Museum can be found here. A photo of the Jeffers Sidestroke Hand Pumper is under the “Fire Museum” tab.

  2. This post and the one yesterday had detailed descriptions of the photos being presented. A nice touch, and a contrast to recent practice, in which the photo captions were simply retyped. It’s also reminiscent of the research and analysis the former proprietor of this blog used to provide. Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad PARC kept this site going, and unlike other posters who have complained here, I’m happy just seeing photos of old Portland. But I thought it was worth praising the extra effort that seems to have gone into preparing these two posts.

  3. That fire station building is now Start Street Station coffee shop on the corner of 61st and Stark. Inside the coffee shop are historical photos of the old fire station, and you can still see remnants on the floor which they’ve kept pretty original. The big church-like building in the background is no longer there, but there’s still a church–Tabor Heights Methodist Church.

  4. Incidentally, the Columbian 3 isn’t the name or brand of the pump engine, it was the name of the volunteer fire division to whom it belonged.

  5. I live near here. I knew about the fire station-now-coffee house, but i had no idea the big stone building on the right was ever there. Was it a church? When did it go away? Yes, there is a modern church there now to the East.
    Right about where that last car is parked is one of the Stark street marker obelisks.
    I think it is milepost 5

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