SW Clay Street, 1979

Demolition of a building on the block where the KOIN Center now stands. This image was taken on the corner of SW Clay Street and SW 2nd Avenue, looking northwest, 1979.


Demolition of the building on block to house the KOIN Center, 1979: A2001-001.7

Demolition of the building on SW Clay Street and 2nd Avenue, 1979: A2001-001.7


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9 thoughts on “SW Clay Street, 1979

  1. Back then they just put a couple of street barricades horses on the sidewalks-today they would have boarded up the whole sidewalk with a roof on it!

  2. The building on stilts in the background is (was?) the First National Bank computer center, built in 1972. Included in that building was a cafeteria, and in the basement was the vault. To the left (west) is the First National Bank Tower. I was a janitor for the First National Center, as it was called at the time, and still have a paperweight made of the same material they used to construct the exterior of the building. I also have a deck of FNB playing cards from that time. Simple times back then.

  3. No chain link fences to keep people out of the construction area either and the parking lot next door has cars right up next to the building.

    It looks to me like Pendleton is on the building in the far right of the photo. I’m assuming that was their corporate offices before moving to their current Broadway location?

  4. The building was the hiring hall for the Sailors Union of the Pacific. You can see the call board still on the downstairs back wall. The second story was Apartments for retirees. I spent a lot of time there as a kid.

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