5 thoughts on “Union Stock Yards, 1919

  1. This map gives a view of where it was located: https://vintageportland.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/north-portland-commercial-club-map-1919.jpg

    “The town of Kenton was built near both rail lines and the Columbia River, and its shipping opportunities encouraged industrial companies to locate there. By 1911, Kenton was second only to St. Johns as a manufacturing center. Swift & Company alone employed over 1500 workers, and more beef was butchered in Kenton than in any other town in the Northwest.”

  2. To avoid any confusion I would point out that the Portland Union Stockyards operated independent of the Swift Company and other meat packers. This photo pieced together to provide a panoramic view was likely taken on a sale day. Hence the crowd of buyers we see inspecting the stock. The various pens separate the various consignments. This was a scene played out daily at the many large meat packing centers all over the continent, This is not a feed lot, it is a sale yard and these critters are going on the block today.
    It is a co-operative enterprise between the stock men, the auction companies, and the packers at the railhead served by several railroads. Hence the name Union Stock Yards.

  3. The Expeditors Complex on Marine Drive west of the Expo, is named the Stockyard because of what was there before. I am amazed the manure smell doesn’t still haunt that area. I go there almost everyday.

  4. I worked in the Stockyard headquarters building a few times.
    Too bad it was demolished, Had very cool design & details. Also had asbestos, seismic deficient & poor layout for any modern uses.
    Happy to see at least some of its terra cotta bits were saved & incorporated in various Kenton area renovations.

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