8 thoughts on “First Presbyterian Church, 1960

  1. Current, similar perspective: https://goo.gl/maps/Jg202.
    Does anyone know when the steeple was shortened? I thought that it was taller like in this photo through the 80s and very early 90s,, and it was mentioned in the discussion on the VP post for 5/24/2012, but I can’t find info to corroborate that.
    Was it shortened after the 1993 Scotts Mills quake?

  2. For the archives for what its worth – the newest brand new looking car in the photo is a 1952 Ford. It’d be my guess that this photo might be more 1952-53 than 1960.

  3. As Brian said, it wasn’t shortened. Look at it from farther away. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but the steeple was re-roofed with new copper, probably in the sixties. The internal structure was checked and strengthened where needed, which wasn’t much, but it wasn’t shortened. The new copper does not have those two decorative bands the old one had, so that may change the apparent height.

  4. I agree with other commenters that the apparent different steeple heights is a function of photographic angles. I found no reference anywhere to work on a downsizing of the steeple. The first copper sheathing was installed on the steeple in 1927, replacing slate tiles from the original 1890 construction. Workers replaced this copper roofing with new copper in 1982. (Source: Oregonian).

  5. The newer car to the right of the church entrance is a 1954 Ford. I agree that this photo is from the mid to late 50’s.

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